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NORTH CAROLINA OPERA (NCO) offers two programs created specifically for school-aged audiences. These engaging programs entertain children and correspond with North Carolina’s Standard Course of Study. The company’s outreach offers everyone the opportunity to learn about the art form of classical song and the passionate, riveting and unpredictable world of opera!



Grades K-12
Length: 45 Minutes

This interactive presentation introduces students to “opera’s greatest hits.” Four singers, representing the main operatic voice types, perform arias, duets and ensembles from CARMEN, THE MAGIC FLUTE, RIGOLETTO and other well-known operas. Using MadLibs, students “compose” a scene to learn about recitative, or the opera dialogue. The program concludes with “Is it Opera?,” a quiz in which the singers present famous tunes often heard in commercial media.


Grades K-12
Length: 35 Minutes

Escape to The Enchanted Forest where your students help create the unique magic of every performance! Developed for students and teachers by the Nashville Opera, this interactive, epic adventure to save the forest from a fire-breathing dragon teaches the basics of operatic story-telling as students cast the hero, villain, sidekick, and love interest, right at the top of the show.  With dramatic twists and turns, the power of true friendship, and a little help from the audience to find the right path and make the best choice, students are engaged from start to finish! 
Sung in English with music from iconic composers including Mozart, Bizet, Gilbert & Sullivan, The Enchanted Forest comes directly to your school with sets, costumes, singers and a pianist. 

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